About Us

Ah, the possibilities…

I have always seen designing interiors as an adventure and a collaborative effort between designer and client. Whether the project is a primary residence, a second home across the country, or a commercial property, my goal is to achieve timeless design with an emphasis on individuality, function and continuity.

For 35 years, I’ve honed my craft. In addition to design work, I have worked in retail: buying, display, and staging. As a result, I’ve mastered the creative vision and project management skills necessary to keep even the most discriminating client happy and the most challenging projects on time and on budget.

As a published award winning interior designer and a professional member of ASID, I am versed in the complexity of composing an intricate design that reflects my client.

Accept this invitation to visit my design studio in the historic French Quarter, where my collection of design resources and extensive library serve as a springboard for inspiration.